The Team

Paratek is a team of leaders, with each member bringing relevant experience that enhances and evolves Paratek’s contributions to the pharmaceutical industry. We have a combined number of years of experience in the following areas:


Years working in the pharmaceutical industry
Late Stage (Phase 3 and beyond) programs worked on
Number of NDAs / MAAs worked on
Number of product launches worked on
Number of private / public companies worked for




See what our employees have to say about their experiences at Paratek Pharmaceuticals.

We’re stepping into a new stage for anti-infectives. The passion of the leadership team and the board is truly palpable.

Sarah Higgins, Controller

My learning curve since I joined Paratek has been tremendous. I have gained exposure to all facets of the company and as a result learn something new each and every day. It’s been a great challenge and I’ve felt supported and mentored at each step along the way. 

I’ve been in the pharmaceutical industry for most of my career, however this is my first role at a development stage company. It’s exciting to be on the other side of the fence. We’re stepping into a new stage for anti-infectives. The passion of the leadership team and the board is truly palpable. It is obvious that they are excited about the promise of omadacycline and eager to get our product to patients. That commitment and energy is infectious.

There’s an opportunity to be highly involved, to understand the big picture and influence the direction the company takes.

John McPartland, Director - Supply Chain

I enjoy being part of a company that’s just starting up, coming in on the  ground floor. There’s an opportunity to be highly involved, to understand  the big picture and influence the direction the company takes.

These characteristics are true of many organizations at this stage, but  Paratek is exceptionally good at putting good people in the right  positions. That’s not always done. In my 25 years of experience, I’ve  found that highly accomplished people don’t always play well together. At  Paratek, we’re good at supporting each other and working together to  advance omadacycline and build this rapidly expanding organization.

The other aspect of Paratek that is remarkable is the tremendous energy  and effort going on now to make the company successful in the future.  Even at this stage, we are putting together teams before they are needed.  We’re investing in the infrastructure now to become a commercial  organization two to three years before that’s even a possibility. The vision  is there and I’m excited to be a part of it.

We all have an opportunity to make a positive impact with the advancement of omadacycline. For me, and for the company, that’s very exciting.

Joanne Tatem, Director - Project Management

There are always opportunities or health situations where current remedies aren’t doing enough. As a new antibiotic, omadacycline could have profound impact on health outcomes. Every single person who comes on board at Paratek realizes that they have an opportunity to make a positive impact with the advancement of omadacycline. For me, and for the company, that’s very exciting.

In my role, I have a unique opportunity to facilitate cross functional activities, which means I have to keep a finger on the pulse of all the functions responsible for delivering the asset. What energizes me as a team leader, is that every person I work with has a passion for what they are doing and sees value in his or her contribution to advancing omadacycline. This drives us to want to do the best we can every day. 

I look forward to coming to work every day because of my coworkers. The mutual respect in our work environment creates a strong foundation for collaboration, that, when coupled with opportunity for omadacycline, is extremely gratifying.

I believe in this product.

Adam Woodrow, Commercial

Antibiotics save lives. With omadacycline, we are developing a great product that allows all of us working at Paratek the opportunity to do good for society; to bring to market a medicine that can be widely used for an important purpose.

A big part of the reason I decided to join Paratek is because I have a lot of confidence in omadacycline. I believe in this product. Working with Paratek and trying to figure out how we can bring our product across the globe, to me, is a noble cause and one I’m proud to be part of.

All of us at Paratek are working toward a unified goal, which creates a special kind of chemistry among the team here. It’s a passionate, proactive group of people who are all dedicated to getting the job done and getting it done well.

I feel like I’m making a difference and that I’m an important part of the team.

Kary Callahan, Senior Manager - Accounting

Paratek is growing, but it’s still a small company. Leadership depends on everybody and there are no silos here. There’s a lot of interaction, respect  and collaboration across functions. That’s a core part of the culture we’re  trying to create here and everyone at Paratek has an opportunity to  shape that.

Working for a company that’s focused on antibiotics makes you think  about what you’re doing in a different way. Everyone has to take an  antibiotic at some point; pneumonia and other infections are pretty  common. Before I started here, I was working at another biotech  company, but the personal impact wasn’t as strong. The stories of the  patients we’ll be able to help could easily be my story or my family  member’s story. Every day that I come to work, I realize how important  these medicines are to my life and to the lives of everyone around me.

When I come to work each day, I feel like I’m making a difference and  that I’m an important part of the team. Everyone made me feel that way  from the minute I started; it’s what made me want to join Paratek and  what makes me want to stay.