Paratek is working with Allergan to develop an antibiotic to treat acne: Sarecycline

Paratek in partnership with Allergan is developing sarecycline as a narrow spectrum, well-tolerated, once-daily, oral, tetracycline-derived antibiotic with potent anti-inflammatory properties for the potential treatment of acne and rosacea.  Allergan owns the U.S. rights for the development and commercialization of sarecycline.  In March 2017, Allergan and Paratek announced that two identical Phase 3 registration studies for sarecycline for the treatment of moderate to severe acne vulgaris met their 12-week primary efficacy endpoints.  Please see the press release here>>.  Based on these data, Allergan plans to file a New Drug Application (NDA) to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in the second half of 2017.



This profile has the potential to provide a best in class acne and rosacea treatment.

Sarecycline has been specifically designed for inflammatory acne and rosacea and has the following characteristics:

  • Narrow spectrum of activity targeting acne and rosacea specific pathogens (P. acnes, staphylococcus aureus)
  • Limited activity against aerobic gram-negative gastrointestinal organisms compared to minocycline and doxycycline
  • Demonstrated anti-inflammatory activity
  • Long half-life enabling true once-a-day dosing

This profile, a targeted therapy designed for purpose, has the potential to provide a best in class oral acne and rosacea treatment

Paratek has retained rest of world (outside of the U.S.) rights to sarecycline and is currently exploring partnership opportunities to develop and approve sarecycline in appropriate markets.