Positive outcomes. Positive patient stories.

At Paratek, we pursue solutions that enable positive outcomes and lead to positive patient stories. Paratek Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company that develops transformative solutions for patients, both in and out of the hospital, with diseases that are difficult to treat.

We focus on drugs that target infectious disease and other difficult to treat conditions.

Four core elements serve as the foundation upon which our brand is built.  They guide how we communicate, how we act and the experiences we create for our stakeholders.


Paratek Pharmaceuticals is built on 4 values

purposeful paratek pharmaceuticals value


We have a disciplined team with proven capabilities to develop and commercialize new treatment solutions for complex medical solutions.

passionate paratek pharmaceuticals value


We have unwavering passion for bringing effective solutions to patients, persevering through obstacles and building momentum to help people, empower physicians, and generate returns for investors.

resourceful paratek pharmaceuticals value


We use the highest caliber research and development processes to harness the power of tetracycline-based chemistry, innovating to develop new compounds for a multitude of indications.

collaborative paratek pharmaceuticals value


We are advancing science, working together to develop new compounds, and partnering with others to bring high impact solutions to physicians and openly sharing our progress and perspectives.

Core Insight

Everybody has a story about their healthcare. Many are stories of healing – the kind of stories we work towards everyday. Yet some have unhappier endings, poor outcomes; whether it’s an unsuccessful treatment, a serious side effect or a life threatening complication, these might have been avoided. The smallest decisions tip the scales. With the right drugs, the right knowledge and the right people, we can transform those everyday decisions into everyday triumphs.

In the end, data isn’t remembered - stories are. Physicians want their patients to have the best stories possible.


Our Promise

To empower physicians with the tools they need to create better stories. We’re on a mission to help turn every day decisions into everyday triumphs for patients with diseases that are difficult to treat.

At Paratek, we pursue solutions that enable positive outcomes and lead to positive patient stories. Read what our employees have to say about working to keep this promise.

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Our Staff

Paratek's team is made up of a variety of backgrounds within the pharmaceutical industry. The statistics below show the number of combined years of experience just within the Management and Executive teams.


Combined years working in the pharmaceutical industry
Late Stage (Phase 3 and beyond) programs worked on combined
Number of NDAs / MAAs worked on combined
Number of product launches worked on combined
Number of private / public companies worked for combined


Learn more about the Executive Team, Management Team, Board of Directors, and Founders that make up the Paratek family and their experiences.