Expert Opinions

Please see the following videos from Infectious Disease and microbiology experts discussing antibiotic resistance, current treatment paradigms for community acquired infections as well as examples of challenging cases they have faced.

Dr. Gregory Anstead - Infectious Disease Specialist at The University of Texas Health Center discusses the lack of oral antibiotics for the treatment of upper respiratory infections.


Dr. Keith Kaye - Infectious Disease Specialist at Detroit Medical Center and Wayne State University discusses the need to consider the risk of a patient having an antibiotic resistant infection and how sick the patient is when selecting an antibiotic.

Dr. Renee Mercier, Professor of Pharmacy and Medicine at The University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy discusses the challenges in treating patients who present with community acquired resistant pathogens.

Dr. Michael Niederman - Professor of Clinical Medicine and Clinical Director of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College discusses the need for empiric antibiotic therapy in pneumonia and a challenging patient case study.

Dr. George Sakoulas - Infectious Disease Specialist at Sharp Memorial Hospital University of California San Diego discusses the challenges of increasing antibiotic resistance in Urinary Tract Infections (UTI).